IGCP 648 - Supercontinent Cycles & Global Geodynamics

Collaboration with project 648 of the International Geoscience Programme. Dr. Bruce Eglington is a co-leader of the project. SIL staff and students are developing and providing database systems for project participants (see the SIL database page), compiling data and developing methods to improve plate reconstructions back into the Palaeoproterozoic.

IGCP 509 - Palaeoproterozoic Tectonics and Global Evolution

Collaboration with project 509 of the International Geoscience Programme. SIL staff are developing and providing database systems for project participants (see the SIL database page), assisting with the development of ideas to illustrate stratigraphic correlation across continents, countries and tectonic domains and are contributing to research under the auspices of this project.

IUGS-DDE – Deep-Time Digital Earth

Dr. Bruce Eglington, as co-chair of the Petrology Working Group, and various graduate students are developing data systems, plate reconstructions and software to facilitate the objectives of this international collaborative effort.

Large Igneous Province Database

A database of publicly available attribute information for large igneous provinces (LIPs) worldwide has been implemented withing the StratDB database and staff and students are collaborating within an international, industry- and federal-funded consortium to develop GIS and attribute data compilations for LIPs and to develop better understanding of their spatial and temporal occurrence.


Geological Survey of Canada Knowledgebase

Staff at the SIL collaborated with the Geological Survey of Canada in the design of their geochronology knowledgebase

Ichnology Database

Drs. Gabriela Mangano, Luis Buatois and Bruce Eglington, together with Dean Meek, a M.Sc. graduate, have developed a prototype ichnology database which is being tested by various graduate students in the Department's Ichnology research group. In addition to facilitating research in the field, it is planned to collaborate with the PaleoBio database group to incorporate ichnology data.

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