Laboratory Manager:

Dr. Sandra Timsic, Geochemist, Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry email

Responsible for stable isotope mass spectrometry, sample analysis, etc.


Dr. Chris Holmden, Professor and Director email

Stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, paleoceanography, paleoenvironments, paleohydrology, paleoclimatology

Dr. Bill Patterson, Professor and Director email

Paleoclimatology, stable isotope geochemistry, biogeochemistry, paleoenvironment studies, isotope ecology

Dr Bruce Eglington, Murray Pyke Chair email

DateView and StratDB databases, IGCP 648 and IGCP 509, Earth evolution and supercontinent cyclicity, plate reconstructions, isotope geochemistry, geochronology, Precambrian crustal development, isotope applications in exploration and for environmental assessments, database design and development, software development, exploratory data analysis

Support Staff:

Mosa Nasreen, Geologist, Radiogenic and Transition Metal Isotope Chemist email

Responsible for radiogenic and transition metal sample preparation, isotope mass spectrometry, etc.

Jim Rosen, Electronics Technician email

Employed by the Department of Geological Sciences; provides electronic support

Graduate Students:

Khalil Allahyari, MSc candidate email

Evolution of the Mesozoic Neo-Tethys geology of Iran. Supervised by Bruce Eglington and Kevin Ansdell.

Isabelle Bacconais, PhD candidate email

Paleoredox studies of oceans. Supervised by Chris Holmden.

Drew Heasman, MSc candidate email

Application of machine learning to spatial and temporal association of imperfectly constrained geoscience data. Supervised by Bruce Eglington.

Peter Hone, MSc candidate email

Spatio-temporal variations in metamorphic P-T-t records: a global perspective. Supervised by Bruce Eglington.

Jyotsna Mohanta, PhD candidate email

Cr isotope studies of rivers and marine carbonates. Supervised by Chris Holmden.

Hoang Anh Tu (Lavie) Nguyuen, PhD candidate email

Development of methodology to identify plate boundaries from global plate reconstruction models and application to geodynamic studies in deep time. Supervised by Bruce Eglington.

Dene Tarkyth, PhD candidate email

Application of plate reconstruction modelling to assessing the spatial context of fertility for mineralization. Supervised by Bruce Eglington.

Jacob van Breugel, MSc candidate email

Spatio-temporal variations in the Karoo/Ferar and Parana/Etendeka magmatic large igneous provinces and their geodynamic setting with respect to the breakup of south western Gondwana. Co-funded with LIPs industry consortium. Supervised by Bruce Eglington.

Postdoctoral Fellows:

Sheree Armistead email

Co-funded with Laurentian University (Metal Earth) and the Geological Survey of Canada. Co-supervised by Bruce Eglington.

Dr. Surajit Mondal email

Development and application of radiogenic (238U/235U, ε40Ca) and stable isotopes (δ44/40Ca, δ26Mg) as a proxy to understand the different aspects of Earth Sciences. Supervised by Chris Holmden.