User fees are charged for all analyses performed in the Saskatchewan Isotope Laboratory in order to cover the cost of machine repair, maintenance, reagents and the salaries of some of the technicians. Commercial analyses cost more than academic analyses because we recognise the valuable financial contributions made to the SIL by agencies such as CFI and the Government of Saskatchewan, who jointly funded the aquisition of ~C$3.7M worth of equipment over the past few years. This funding is intended to assist academic research in Canada.

Senior staff of the SIL may be willing to collaborate on projects, provided that the results of these projects are published in international, peer-reviewed journals within a couple of years' of completion. In these cases, SIL staff may be willing to contribute to the cost of the analyses. Users interested in this option should contact the staff member most likely to be involved in the project.

Item Academic Price (C$)

Commercial Price (C$)

Sample preparation (carbonates - per sample)
Micromilling - contact Dr Bill Patterson
Stable Isotope Analyses (per sample)
δ18O and δ13C (carbonate) - Kiel 30.00 40.00
C and/or N (organic) - EA 25.00 35.00
C and/or N (organic) - EA (preloaded) 18.00 25.00
For acidification, add $35 per sample
C (alpha cellulose) - EA 40.00 50.00
C (alpha cellulose) - EA (preloaded) 30.00 40.00
δ18O and δ2H (water) - TC/EA 60.00 110.00
Filtering, add $8 per sample
Brines, add $60 per sample
Radiogenic Isotope Analyses (per sample)
Sr natural 300.00 400.00
Rb-Sr concentration and Sr ratio 400.00 500.00
Rb-Sr concentration + Sr natural 550.00 645.00
Sm-Nd concentration and Nd ratio (carbonates) 500.00 680.00
Nd natural 350.00 500.00
Sm-Nd concentration + Nd natural 550.00 825.00
Sm-Nd concentration and Nd ratio (silicates, bomb) 500.00 700.00
Nd natural 350.00 500.00
Sm-Nd concentration + Nd natural 580.00 870.00
Sm-Nd concentration + Nd natural + Sr natural 800.00 1200.00
Rb-Sr + Sm-Nd concentration + ID ratios 750.00 1025.00
Rb-Sr + Sm-Nd concentration + Sr natural + Nd natural 1000.00 1450.00
Pb-Pb isotope ratios (silicates) 300.00 380.00
Pb-Pb isotope ratios (sulphides) 250.00 350.00
Sr natural in water 250.00 350.00
Pb natural in water 300.00 400.00
Sr concentration + natural in water 300.00 450.00
Pb concentration + natural in water 350.00 500.00
Sr + Pb concentration + natural in water 450.00 600.00
Ca isotopes 350.00 enquire
Radioactive and Transition Metal Isotope Analyses (per sample)
Cr isotopes enquire  
Multi-Isotope Analyses (per sample)
Interpretation and Reporting (per day)
  700.00 1200.00