The Saskatchewan Isotope Laboratory (SIL) in the Department of Geological Sciences, University of Saskatchewan has facilities for the analysis of a wide range of stable and radiogenic isotopes for use in environmental, palaeoclimate and geological investigations.

The SIL is fortunate to have a range of modern equipment, supported by an active group of staff and students. The SIL provides analyses in many isotope systems, including Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd and Pb-Pb analyses of rocks, minerals, ores and other samples; H, C, O and/or N analyses of water, carbonates, phosphates and organic materials. Analytical capabilities in non-traditional isotopes such as Cr and Ca have been developed and U-series dating is being developed.

Projects undertaken at the SIL regularly range from local, provincial, national to international in scope and are performed in collaboration with academics, government agencies, exploration and mining companies or with environmental consultants.

The SIL also hosts a number of databases for international use, including the DateView geochronology, IGCP509/StratDB lithostratigraphy and Ion Exchange Resin databases. Advanced exploratory data analysis and time series analysis techniques are routinely implemented in the assessment of data generated by SIL staff and students. Various software packages for the processing of isotope and geochemical data, developed by SIL staff, may be downloaded from this site.