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Isotope Geochemistry

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Laboratory Manager:

Dr. Sandra Timsic, Geochemist, Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry email

Responsible for stable isotope mass spectrometry, sample analysis, etc.


Dr. Chris Holmden, Professor and Director email

Stable and radiogenic isotope geochemistry, paleoceanography, paleoenvironments, paleohydrology, paleoclimatology

Dr. Bill Patterson, Professor and Director email

Paleoclimatology, stable isotope geochemistry, biogeochemistry, paleoenvironment studies, isotope ecology

Dr Bruce Eglington, Murray Pyke Chair email

DateView and StratDB databases, IGCP 648 and IGCP 509, Earth evolution and supercontinent cyclicity, plate reconstructions, isotope geochemistry, geochronology, Precambrian crustal development, isotope applications in exploration and for environmental assessments, database design and development, software development, exploratory data analysis

Support Staff:

Mosa Nasreen, Geologist, Radiogenic and Transition Metal Isotope Chemist email

Responsible for radiogenic and transition metal sample preparation, isotope mass spectrometry, etc.

Jim Rosen, Electronics Technician email

Employed by the Department of Geological Sciences; provides electronic support

Support Staff (Students):

Sara Worsham, Technician, graduate student email

Trace element filament preparation

Graduate Students:

Khalil Allahyari, PhD candidate email

Comparative palaeogeography and geotectonic setting of mineralisation in the Iranian NeoTethys and the Trans-Hudson orogen. Supervised by Bruce Eglington and Kevin Ansdell.

Isabelle Bacconais, PhD candidate email

Paleoredox studies of oceans. Supervised by Chris Holmden.

Jyotsna Mohanta, PhD candidate email

Cr isotope studies of rivers and marine carbonates. Supervised by Chris Holmden.

Sara Worsham, PhD candidate email

Calcium and magnesium isotopes. Supervised by Chris Holmden.

Yuxin Mao, MSc candidate email

Geodynamic setting and timing of South China block formation. Supervised by Bruce Eglington.

Brayden McDonald, MSc candidate email

U isotope study of ocean redox changes during OAE 2. Supervised by Camille Partin and Chris Holmden.

Dean Meek, MSc candidate email

Sedimentological and palaeontological associations with palaeogepgraphy in the Late Neoproterozoic. Supervised by Bruce Eglington and Luis Buatois.

Aidan Mowat, MSc candidate email

Study of fluid-rock exchnage associated with brines in the Williston basin. Supervised by Matt Lindsay and Bruce Eglington.

Matt Nadeau, MSc candidate email

Mg isotope study of dolomite in the Williston Basin. Supervised by Chris Holmden.

Undergraduate Students:

Colton Vessey, undergraduate email

Geodynamic and palaeogeographic evolution of the Cordillera of Canada and Alaska. Supervised by Bruce Eglington.

Tyler Brown, undergraduate email

Supervised by Chris Holmden.

Oliver Horner , undergraduate email

Supervised by Chris Holmden.